Window Security Bars

Installing window security bars

And what you need to know before you do

Window security is important for any home owner that hopes to keep safe from the ever growing presence of anti social elements in society. Unfortunately, your homes windows are the easiest portal into the home. And burglars love entering any home through these often unsecured areas.

Burglars like windows because the glass is easily broken, and in a noisy neighborhood  the sound of breaking glass might not raise the attention of any neighbors. Also, homes with older windows often do not have sufficient locks to deter intruders either. It doesn't take an expert intruder to unclasp an aluminum frame window lock.

One of the oldest and most effective ways to deter burglars from getting into your home is the installation of window bars. They effectively erase the danger that comes with open and vulnerable windows. They are so effective that if a burglar were to insist on breaking into you home, he would have a lot of work to do to get past those bars - even if the window were left wide open. That's the kind of discouragement that will spare your home while the burglar moves along.

However, there are issues that should be considered before having your home equipped with window security bars.

1. Hazard. Window bars are so effective - sometimes too effective - that aside from keeping people from breaking in, they obviously keep people from breaking out of your home too.

This isn't normally be problem since good guests usually prefer the door. However, in the event that a fire breaks out, those bars could leave people trapped in a room that had no other access outside.

2. The View. Bars are unsightly. They make your home look like a prison. But that's not to say that some careful planing can't result in some stylish classy and functional results.

And then there's the effect on the neighborhood. If your neighborhood is teetering on the edge of becoming a slum, you'll tip the scales for sure when you install a set of these beauties. The resulting loss in property value only ensures the problem will get worse - and a hearty 'thanks' from your neighbors.

3. Installation of window bars can be pretty intensive. You will need a good overhaul of your window frames. The installation could be troublesome and inconvenient. It's best to have your window bars installed by a professional, experienced contractor to make sure they're not just as easy for a burglar to uninstall.

Installing window bars for your added protection could be a prudent security decision. However, you have to make sure you think the issues through carefully before you decide to have it done. There are costs involved other than the obvious investment.