Window Security Film

Cheap, Convenient, Effective

Keep the burglars out and your family safe

Your homes windows can be the biggest threat to your household and family. That may seem a little urgent but windows are a favorite access point of most burglars looking to gain access to your home.

Burglars like windows for a few reasons. For example, older windows are usually easy to unclasp, jimmy open or otherwise defeat the inadequate locking mechanisms used in windows manufactured in a less secure era. Second, windows are made of glass and in noisy neighborhoods, the sounds of breaking glass might not be so unusual.

Thirdly, home windows are often situated behind thick brush and plants that can provided the needed stealthyness to slip into and out of your home without notice from neighbors.

The good news is that it's easy to add layers of security to your homes windows.

One great solution to the window security problem is to install window films or laminates. These handy films can increase the security of your home dramatically. They are usually made of polyester material that adheres to the glass making it difficult to break.

These films can absorb a good deal of punishment. You can even take a hammer to your window and even if it were to crack heavily, it wouldn't shatter into tiny pieces and allow entry. It would keep itself in one piece and frustrate any intruder even more.

How do they work

Laminate films are applied to the window to increase the windows strength and reduce the chance that they shatter on impact. They are also multi functional, performing more than just the window security feature.

For example, there are security films that also provide UV protection from harsh sunlight. This not only protects furniture, rugs, and flooring from sun damage. There are also security films available that reflect enough light to server as an insulator during hot sunny summer days.

These films clearly are offer a lot more than just deterring intruders, they also protect against wayward baseballs from that summertime street ball game - if kids do that anymore. And if that's not enough, there's the added protection from anyone being hurt by shards of glass when an accident does result in the shattering of brittle windows.

How to get them installed

Having a window security film installed is best done by a skilled contractor who will do the installation job correctly. While the thought of saving money by installing them yourself my be temping, it actually involves a lot of skill to avoid problems like bubbles, and delamination. Most professional film installers go through specialized training to make sure that they are prepared for the task.

Cutting corners can result in an ugly looking laminate that could easily peel. A skilled, professional contractor can install these films so that nobody even notices that it is actually there.

In conclusion, window security films are inexpensive, easy to have installed, unobtrusive (you won’t even notice they’re there), and are definitely a great investment for any safety-conscious home. It will keep your windows safe from intruders, accidents, and dangerous shards in the event of a breakage.