Window security - choosing appropriate safety locks

Windows are a favorite entry point for burglars and bad guys. If all else fails, someone intent on burglary can always break the glass to gain entry. The noise caused by breaking glass is probably enough to discourage most opportunistic burglars. But there's still plenty of ways for an intruder to gain entry without breaking the glass, and threaten your safety and security.

Older style sliding aluminum framed windows could be easily removed by a burglar, simply by lifting them out of place. This was easily solved with a couple of screws. Two small holes drilled into each top corner of the sliding window frame with sheet metal screw inserted prevent the window from being lifted out.

Old lift-out vulnerabilities aside, still, old latch style locks are easily jimmied with nothing more than a butter knife. More secure locks for older style windows need to be considered for purchase too.

Any window locks you consider for purchase should meet three criteria. Most importantly, they should be effective at keeping intruders out. Of secondary importants - they should be able to compliment your decor, and they should fit within your budget.

Older windows often have locking mechanisms that just are not as effective as they should be for maintaining the safety of your home. Even some newer windows could use some reinforcement where security is concerned. There are plenty of locking mechanisms that provide good security. Any good hardware store in your locality should have window locks suitable for the popular window styles in your area.

Finding window locks that fit with the decor may or may not be a challenge depending on your imagination. Some devices are virtually hidden from view from the casual on-looker. This also depends on the type of window you have, and what sorts of effective devices are available, and in what colors.

Getting window locks that fit into your budget can be a problematic. Having a burglar break into your home, lacking proper protection due to cheap window locks is hardly an affordable event. In general, spend as much as you can afford to get the most effective locks for your window types.

Fortunately, there are safe some old stand by methods that work quite well for window safety, costing very little money at all. The old wooden stick method still works well for sliding windows - a wood dowel cut to length is dropped in place behind the sliding part of the window, preventing it from opening. A window security bar is very effective.


Deadbolts are always available for securing large sliding patio doors. They offer good protection, and can be mounted at the floor line or at the top of the window. Lever operated and key operated deadbolts are available too, and are a very secure piece of window locking hardware.

It all depends on your type of windows. With so many different window designs a trip to your local hardware store or specialty web merchant will be necessary to find the best locks to protect your windows from intruders. Just make sure they are effective, are affordable, and will not clash with your decor.



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