Enhancing your home's defenses

with Window security screens

You might be looking for some other effective ways to secure you home, more particularly your windows. The window security screen system could be the right solution for you - best of all, they wont affect property values like those awful window bars will - thanks for installing those neighbor!

Window security screens are attached to the outside of your windows and serve as a deterrent to breakage from vandals or when that local stick-ball game goes awry. In fact, window security screens can add more to your home than just security. Here's a rundown on some of the advantages security screens for your windows:

1. They increase your home's safety by discouraging burglars from intruding into your home. These tough screens become the first obstacle to entry and the extra work involved might just be enough to make them think twice, and move along.

2. A good security screen system can enhance the appearance of your home. In addition to improving the level of protection of your house, they are also available in colors and styles that compliment the aesthetic qualities of your home. You can match the different colors and designs to fit your homes exterior and you'll surely enjoy the effect it produces.

3. Window security screens can also act as a child guard. These systems can eliminate the possibility of a child falling out an open window equipped with only a bug screen. Recall that whole Eric Clapton's thing....

4. Back in the day when children actually played ball outside in the street instead of at a TV console, the arrant ball always had the possibility of cracking up a window. Window security screens let you keep your window, and the neighbor kid keeps his allowance another week.

5. Window security screens provide protection without compromising ventilation and lighting requirements. If you value protection but do not want to sacrifice any other important needs, security screens propose the best solution. You'll enjoy the air and the sun, along with your much-needed safety.

6. Security screens protect you from insects too. Human invaders are not the only pests warded off by the window security screen. Just like regular window bug screens, they also keep away disease carrying insects like mosquitoes.

There's a lot more value to window security screens than just keeping your windows in one piece. They add value to your home, reduce liability from burglars cutting themselves on broken glass, and keep little ones inside. Not only that, but they do it all without slum-looking window bars.

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