Window Security Services and Protection Methods

Technology grows more and more innovative as the years pass by, which provides ordinary people with different methods of doing different things. Unfortunately, even criminals and law offenders make use of technology in order to perform bold robberies and heists, sometimes undetected. Some offices that are not properly equipped with advanced technological security equipment find it difficult to spot a burglary ongoing, and even then may not be able to detect a robbery totally until they notice what is missing.

This is precisely the reason why many offices have adapted a number of security equipment in their overall security system and services, which is mostly controlled by highly advanced technology. The bad news is, thieves and perpetrators are always looking for ways to get past security, no matter how advanced it may be, by carefully observing where the security is most weak. What they find out is usually common for most offices – security is most lax in windows.

Security services offered by security experts usually cover this aspect very well; however, there are some who still are relaxed when it comes to windows. Thieves sometimes prefer to go through windows for a quick robbery and quick getaway, especially so if the window locks are cheap and barely resistant. This is why windows should be considered entry ways and should be addressed with locks and other security measures just as much as the front door.

Various security service providers offer their services in which they install and monitor the products that you choose. They have a number of different products and monitoring services to offer, so you can ask them for suggestions as to what would be the best product and service for your particular location.

Usually a small sensor is installed on the window in an obscure way. When the system is armed and monitored by your service provider, and intrusion is detected. Depending on the service, police can be notified and dispatched to the scene. These services come with a price tag in the form of a monthly fee which can become significant.


According to statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), approximately 70% of all burglaries involve forced entry, either through the door or window. It is logically easier to attempt to do it on a window, which gives you enough reason to obtain window security services for your home or office. Don’t wait for the burglary to happen; it’s better to prevent it for your own safety.

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