Tips In Setting Up an Impenetrable Window Security System

Sometimes, people become engrossed in securing the doors against burglars. But sometimes they fail to protect their windows from being used as another point of entry. The windows are as vulnerable as your doors. You might want to ask yourself this question honestly: how secure are your windows?

The good news is that there are many different ways to go about securing windows. A good window security system should be impenetrable to ensure the safety and protection of your home. The following guide can help ensure that your windows are as secure as possible.

1. Check the window frames. The British Standards Institute rates the performance of window frames. But they do not really rate security. As a first step, try to make sure that your window frames are made of high quality timber, metal, or PVC.

2. Repair broken frames. A broken window frame is commonly associated with the timber frame types. Broken frames can be caused of the moisture getting in from outside. Moisture causes the frames to be damp, which could eventually lead to rot, or mold. When this happens, the window's security is reduced. Replace defective panels. Repair the damaged ones.

3. Check for metal corrosion. Metal corrosion on any part of a window should be attended to right away. For all anyone knows, the metal might be too brittle that burglars can take it out with one hand. Make it a point to carefully inspect all the locks too.

4. Test PVC windows. PVC is the current trend on window installations. If you have windows with these materials, be sure that the brand you are going to buy passes ISO certification. Usually, it will say so on the carton it comes with.

5. Enhance window locks. If you do not have a multi-point window security system for optimum protection, you should guarantee that you have good window locks installed in its place. This is especially important in areas that open onto highly accessible areas, like the roofs or balconies.

6. Optimize the window glass. It would be better if you use Laminated Safety Glass for windows. This kind of glass offers good protection because it is highly durable than the regular glass. It also reduces the risks related to accidents.

7. Always check manufacturer of your window products. Most of the time, the safety and the protection of a home depends entirely upon the chosen window products. Check the manufacturer's commitment to safety. Know the makers of the equipment you are going to buy. If they value product durability as well as your security, you are better off buying from them.

8. Check if the product passes PAS accreditation. PAS means Product Approval Specification. If the window equipment you want to buy carries their mark, then you can be sure it employs the enhanced security that surely will be appreciated.


9. Solicit advice. If you honestly do not know anything about windows and locks, you can ask a friend or two who have gone through the process. Or call a local installer and ask the professionals for information from them first hand. Being well informed is the first step in keeping your home safe and protected.

These are nine tips that you should consider when checking your windows for overall security. You should always inspect your house against these guidelines at least once a year to ensure your homes protection all year round.