Dressing up windows with draperies & curtains

With the various kinds of window treatments available, it is easy to get confused as to what really is best to use to dress up one’s window. You might even become tempted to just skip this part of home decorating or just go generic and get a plain shutter or boring blinds. But for function and beauty draperies or curtains give a room elegance and refinement, even if you have to make your own curtains to get exactly what you want.

Draperies and curtains do more than just decorate your windows. They should perform three essential functions for your house – lighting control, privacy, and style. One function may outweigh another depending on your preference, or style, but all three requirements should addressed to some degree or another by the curtains and draperies you select.

What Draperies & Curtains Should Provide

First, any type of window treatment should provide good privacy. A sheer fabric is fine during daylight hours, but at night, a thicker fabric is needed to keep the privacy, especially when lights are on. After all, you may be the friendliest person around, but you probably prefer some privacy once in a while.

Secondly, draperies and curtains should give you a way of controlling the amount of light that gets into a room. Controlling the amount of light that gets in helps to keep a room cool on hot sunny days, or allows for some much needed needed sleep during daylight hours. You don't want to be completely in the dark, but on the other hand, you wouldn't want all that sunlight getting in especially on those bright sunny days. The curtains and drapes you choose need to allow you to control of the amount of light that comes through the window.

Lastly, any curtains or drapes you select should add to the style of your window and your home. You are already dressing up your window so you might as well dress it to the nines. That's the great thing about draperies curtains, they come in millions of styles, colors, and designs and they can greatly update the look of any room. You can change the overall look of a room interior just by changing the drapes and curtains. This can also be the most difficult of the three - finding a pattern you like, in the size and shape you need.

Different Kinds of Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapery come in countless different fabrics, designs, shapes, and colors. Thick fabrics are very useful for sunny areas where you would need more shade. Sheer fabrics on the other hand can be useful for cloudy seasons where you need more light getting in and still want to maintain privacy.

A special purpose curtains called valance is growing more and more popular these days. A valance was used at one time just to hide the hardware such as the curtain rods used for hanging the window treatment. Today they are used as an integral part of a window treatment system because of the great function combined with the aesthetic value added. All sizes are available from short to long, and they can add to the festive theme or romantic touch of any room - wink.


Treatments for any window in the home can be as simple as boring old blinds, or as fancy and elegant is you can afford - thanks to the wide availability of curtains and draperies. If the budget is stopping you from getting the draperies you prefer, you might even consider making them yourself (more on that later). But whether you purchase curtains or make your own curtains, the right window treatments can provide for a home that's cozy and nice to live in.