Window films and tint

Improving your home energy efficiency

and increase privacy at the same time

Modern window films and tints have helped make the windows we have today safer, more efficient, and protective. Sunlight rays enter our homes, buildings and vehicles as radiation. The ultra violet spectrum of light can damage your homes furnishings, drapes, floors, even your skin. But tinting provides a barrier from this destructive sunlight.

Window films and tints have come a long way in recent years. From a humble beginning as basic protection from the sun, window film now includes characteristics such as optical thermal radiation blocking, heat insulation, privacy protection, and shatter proofing safety performance.

Optical Thermal Comfort

Tinting provides optical protection by bringing the bright light down to a level that is more comfortable to the eyes. By tinting windows you prevent the full effects of suns rays from glaring off smooth surfaces and shining into your eyes. That means less squinting - could that mean less wrinkles?

Heat Insulation

Businesses and homeowners all want to keep operating costs as low as possible. Window film tinting is a great way to help with this effort. Films can provide significant insulation from the sun. By keeping the heat out, you can lower your air conditioning related expenses and function more efficiently and economically.

Privacy Protection

The reflective surface of window film brings a significant amount of privacy to any window. Instead of being able to see right through a window, outsiders are treated to a reflection of the outdoor scenery.

A reflective surface like this brings you a mirror like privacy while still letting the pleasant light fill the room. It's like having a one-way mirror for a window: you can see out, but they can't see in.

Shatter Proofing Performance

The film lining is laminated onto the glass itself. In the event of a window breaking, the film will prevent shattered glass from scattering and showering down. This is great protection you from being wounded and pierced by tiny pieces of sharp glass splinters.

Tinted Cars

Window tinting has practical usage with the automotive industry as well. Today, car owners can bring all the benefits of home tinting into their cars as well. Tinting car windows can highlight the uniqueness of every car, and give a very clean look. By obfuscating the details inside, all an outsider can see is the clean external details of the car - looks good too.

Homes, cars, hospitals, offices, and schools are but some of the places and things which can benefit from window tinting. Simply put, with films and tints, you'll never 'see' your windows in the same way again.