Window shutters

Home remodel benefits of shutters

Blinds are nice but shutters are better

If you’re planning on spicing up the atmosphere of your rooms, you could add any window treatment such as blinds, shutters or shades.

Window shutters are traditional window treatment enjoyedworldwide. They can be installed in one window or the entire house. Also known as Plantation shutters, adding them to your homes windows has several benefits.

1) Sunlight Control – In terms of sunlight control, you can let the light in or keep light out. This flexibility comes in handy for sleeping late into the moring or for keeping curious eyes out during dark hours. With window shutters or blinds, you have total control on the amount natural light in your room. With sunlight-blocking window shutters, harmful UV rays are prevented from damaging, wearing or fading your carpets, rugs and furniture.

2) Privacy – With window shutters, you can control the privacy of each room - anywhere from total isolation to completely open to the world, just  by turning the louvers - as much as you want - from completely open to fully closed. These types of blinds also provide noise insulation from the unwanted noise pollution outside your home.

3) Timeless Designs – One of the most rewarding benefits of adding window shutters to your room is the enhanced decoration of any room in your home. Blinds offer timeless designs and flexibility making them attractive for both contemporary and traditional looks. Whether you install interior or exterior window shutters, both can add beauty from the outside of your homes.

4) Durability – Window shutters are typically built with durable materials, which require minimal maintenance. There are "hurricane" blinds or other window shutters for extreme environmental situations that are also available on the market. Depending on you needs, a single window shutter could last the life of your home.

5) Interior and Exterior Shutters – There are two choices, internal and exterior. Each choice has different benefits to your home.

- Interior Window Shutters – The two most common interior blinds are plantation interior shutters and the traditional interior shutter. These window shutters are available in vinyl (for high-moisture areas) and wood (for a variety of application). The plantation shutters usually integrate movable louvers, while the traditional interior shutter are the smaller blinds used for colonial-styled homes.

- Then there's the Exterior Window Shutters. Installed outside the house, exterior window shutters are usually made from durable materials - There's  vinyl blinds, composite shutters, fiberglass blinds, aluminum shutters, and the most traditional, wood shutters.

5) Made to order – There are many designs of both interior and exterior window shutters. You can personalize the blinds by choosing different kinds of materials, colors, shapes and sizes to fit your needs. There are also hundreds of finishes available in the market for additional warmth or a neutral feel.

6) Value – There's a curb-appeal factor associated with window shutters. If you decide to sell your house, your real estate agent can include all of your homes upgrades in the listing. And a finished home sells better than fixer upper.

Simply put, window shutters add privacy, sunlight control and value to your home with a countless of custom designs and material choices.