Windows - Upgrade Your Home Security

Keeping your home safe from burglars and other intruders isn’t isolated to door security. For burglars, windows offer an excellent alternative to gaining access to your home. This makes beefing up your window security an important step towards ensuring total home security.

Burglars love windows for three reasons.

For one they are usually made of glass. And glass can be broken, giving intruders free access to your home.

Second, they are generally easy to unclasp and bypass. It doesn’t take an expert intruder to work on a latched window.

Thirdly, windows are often situated in areas that provide cover against the public. The burglars could use the extra stealth to help them slip in and out of your home unnoticed. It even gives them easier access to sensitive parts of your home - for example, your bedroom.

If you are looking to improve your window protection, then here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping around for security measures for your home.

1. Window Bars. Window bars definitely discourage intruders from even going through with any dastardly plan. Just looking at a home that has been barred from sill to sill would give burglars second thoughts about even attempting to enter a home.

In all, it is one of the greatest detriments to home intrusion. Unfortunately, bars are a unsightly on a house. They have a terrible effect on home values in the area, and they interfere with your view of the great outdoors.

Another drawback would be that it keeps people inside from getting out as well as it keeps people outside from getting in. This normally wouldn’t be a problem since home owners use the front door - obviously. However, in case of emergency - like a fire - they would not be able to use the windows to get out.

2. Window Film. Laminates are applied to the window to increase the windows strength and reduce the chance that they shatter on impact. The great thing about window films and laminates is that they are available in many variants for every purpose.

For example, there are some light-duty films that serve to just block UV rays and harsh sunlight. There are other film variants on the other hand that are designed to keep intruders from smashing your window to smithereens. They do not give the neighborhood a dangerous feel like bars do, and the offer weather insulation as well.

Aside from being a great deterrent to intrusion, they are also unobtrusive and are hardly noticeable by the naked eye. This is especially true if you have an expert do the installation for you. This is a great option for you to consider if you would like to reinforce your windows without necessarily going through a nasty overhaul of your windows.

For more protection, you could also consider having your windows replaced with reinforced material to achieve the same result. However, they are pricier and take a lot more effort to install.

3. Locks. You should install reliable window locks on your windows, especially if you decide to install reinforced glass on your windows or install laminates on them to prevent intrusion.

Common latches and clasps don’t do well to promote good security. It would be better to install something that is hard to pick and hard to access - unlike hasps and latches that can be manipulated with a simple knife or spatula.


Securing your windows is essential to protection against weak links in your over all home security. You may perform this as an additional precaution while you install other home-wide security devices. But in all, this act alone could drastically increase the safety of you home and your family.


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