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What to expect that exciting day your old aluminum windows are replaced with nice new vinyl double paned windows.

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So today is the much anticipated window hardware installation day, things can get a little noisy, you need to think about what you're going to do. You will want to be present during the process to answer any window installation questions the installer has. And you don't want your home left open to a group of strangers from any company anyway.


The needs of shy pets will need to be considered, as well as infants during the installation.


Window replacement can get noisy

If you can work from home, you're in luck, But consider the noise might be disruptive to the work you need to do. And the window installers need full - and noisy - access to every room having a window in the home. There's probably no sanctuary anywhere inside the house.


If you opted for the 'over the old frame' installation method it still gets noisy around the house even though there's no stucco being busted out. We went with an 'over the old frame' window installer. It took a day to complete our small 3 bedroom house, even having two sliding glass doors into the back yard.


Once they're all done with installation, you take a big sigh of relief, and enjoy. Take a good look from outside and inside. This is the really exciting part. They look great, and they work even better. Walk down the street a few doors to get an idea of what the neighbors are going to see as the peer outside from their ugly old aluminum windows.


Try out the new vinyl windows hardware

Check out how well the new window hardware works. How they slide open and closed. See how easy it is to operate the window latch - lock and unlock the windows. If you have a sliding glass door, it should feel solid, and slide with a good feel, unlike those clunky old sliding glass aluminum window.


Did you remember to order a dead-bolt lock for the sliding windows for those out of town trips? Check that hardware out too, and make sure it feels like it provides a good solid hold on the window.


Don't forget to try removing a screen! See how easy it is to remove, and how easy re-installation is. No more of those horrible old aluminum framed screens - Yaaay. You can actually clean your screens now - Toss them on the lawn, hose em down and pop em back in place after drying.


Nice and quiet

But wait - this experience isn't over yet. Wait until it's time to turn in for the day. If you live in an area with some noise, such as a nearby freeway, airport landing pattern, or train station, you're really going to notice the difference. The volume of these sounds will be much lower. Insulating the attic and walls helps keep noise down too.


Not that new double pane window installation blocks out all sound, not by any means, but it will be much more quiet. Have you ever heard of someone who moves from a big city apartment to the country side, and they say it's too quiet for them to sleep at night? I hype you don't have that problem.


Don't forget to take some before and after pictures. I'd like to seem them, and I'll post them here if you like so relatives living far away can see your new double pane vinyl windows.



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