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Ok, the window installers finished the job yesterday, and you had a few hours that evening to check the new window hardware, try them out, and admire. Hopefully you had an night of sleep with a new found quiet than before the installation. Today, you probably have to go toil at work rather than admire your new windows with a pot of coffee - oh well, gotta pay for them somehow...


If you opted for the window installation technique which causes stucco patching, you're probably looking forward to getting the house painted now. One other thing to consider doing before exterior painting - if you have an older house, and have other home improvements in mind, upgrading the electrical panel would probably be recommended by your contractor.


More remodeling thoughts - Skip ahead for the windows.

Projects like remodeling a kitchen including appliances will make an electrical panel upgrade desirable. Depending on the age of your house, you are probably drawing much more power than when the house was built - with all the modern day gadgets and all. If any future home upgrades start popping circuit breakers this work will be needed. And the new panel will often be larger than the old - i.e. stucco removal and patching.


So that's something to think about before repainting the exterior. You've probably seen these electrical panel jobs with patched stucco on some of the neighbors homes. It aint a cheap job to have done, and I haven't done it yet either, but I'm not popping any circuit breakers either.


Anyway, back to those awesome new vinyl windows.

No more drafts, no more cold or heat pouring from old windows and hardware into your home, no more binding, or those crummy damnable screens. Your house is now more secure, efficient, more... many things. And you've increased your homes value too.


Vinyl window replacement is really not that expensive. Obviously the size of the house, and the number of windows and options you choose will determine cost. But if the bids are all quoting the same cost range, then you can be sure the new windows will pay for themselves in home resale value alone.


One word of advise that you probably already know - when it comes to vinyl window installer bids, it works like any other average factor. Toss out the high bid, the low bid, and choose a preferred window installer from the middle. Normalize the bids, in other words. Above all, more important than the bid, is your comfort level. Do not hesitate to choose a high end bid if you feel comfortable with the company.


Don't put of window hardware replacement

Also, many people put off home improvement until they want to increase their homes value for a sale. This is nonsense. If you can afford to improve hour home using new double pane vinyl windows and window hardware, or any other good home improvement project, then go for it!


Think about this. People live in their homes for many years, knowing exactly which improvement projects are needed. They live with tired old accommodations for all these years, and then, when they are ready to sell their house, they start making improvements. Guess what? With all the improvements done, they see how beautiful their house could have been for all those years.


Talk about an eye opener! It makes no sense - improving the house you've lived in for years, only because you intend to sell. Sell so you can buy a different house having all the niceties that you've just added to your present home.


Don't get me wrong, everyone has their own personal reasons for selling their home and moving to another one. The point to be made here, is that there is no time like the present to make home improvement investments. Brand new double pane vinyl windows will increase the value of your home, whether you sell today, or 5 years, 10 years, 15 years down the road. If the windows are intact and no condensation is present, then your home has additional valuable - period! Enjoy.


At the very least, if a new set of windows is not in your future, you can protect your home with new window hardware including locks. Proper locks can protect your home by increasing security. Window security locks can complement your decore, protect your safety and security at a fraction of the cost. Read more about window security issues here.


Enjoy new windows and hardware

The difference is - you get to enjoy all of the hard work. And yes, it is hard work culling together all the information, options, bids, and opinions that window installers will provide before you can make an informed decision.


Again, nothing would be worse than having all kinds of improvement work done for a the sell, and then all of a sudden you fall in love with this house - the house you're about to sell for another fixer-upper. Just do it, and enjoy it, you get to live in it!


I hope this site has been helpful to you, especially if you are considering vinyl window replacements. If you would like to contact me for any reason, I actually do read and respond to e-mail. Please find the e-mail link on the right side (and above) of this or any other page on this site. Thanks for reading.



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